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'Fashion Colors' by ball-jointed-Alice 'Fashion Colors' by ball-jointed-Alice
Head mold: Rin Sakurako
Skin color: Normal
Body: MPD01, bare feet

Rin Sakurako was always a three colored doll for me. Although she looks amazing in every hair color and stylization, she was made as brunette. I had a clear vision of this doll from the beginning. She was always most elegant, distinctive and calm of my all dolls. I love her in Japanese kimono and other Asian looks, but always wanted to make Rin that will feature three most fashionable colors black, white and red. She's fashion herself, in a dress that can spoke volumes of who she is and what she thinks of other people.

Making her clothes started with her toque. I've then made the rest of her outfit to match it. The main idea was to make a stripped dress, something in between of XIX century European gown and Sweeney Todd. I wanted to make it fancy, rich and looking high fashion. But she's bare feet under all her fancy and expensive clothes. I decided on that as a reminder that clothes aren't the most important aspect of who we are.

Dress made in french lace, cotton and chiffon, handmade embroidery. Toque made of felt, handmade embroidery with paper rose decoration. Handmade mohair wig, glass eyes, bare feet.
One of a kind doll.
muireuqA Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2011  Student General Artist
i love your work! i am also making a doll for my course work, but i have no idea how to make the wig and fit it on her head. i know i will be using human hair. could you give me some suggestions on how to make the wig? thanks in any case :)
jarmie Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2011
I like her look very much - lovely and interesting!
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October 11, 2011
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